About us


To be a happy, healthy and respectful environment where we listen to and support our customers of every age, gender and ability while combining a high level of service, selection and value in every category of cycling.



To create a bike shop and community that makes cycling accessible to all Canadians.




Belonging to and connecting with community increases everyone’s level of happiness. In our increasingly isolated world, GEARS strives to be an inclusive cycling community where everyone feels welcomed and where anyone can connect to other like-minded individuals who also enjoy riding a bike.


Spending time outdoors, moving our bodies and pushing our limits improves the health of our body and our mind. GEARS strives to introduce more people to the activity of cycling and help sustain the community’s bike-related needs. While cycling may not be a 'cure-all’, those who ride a bike consistently tend to be healthier and bounce back from illness faster than those who are inactive.


GEARS strives to be respectful through practicing honesty, humbleness and forgiveness. At GEARS, a fair and mutually respectful exchange occurs when both parties feel they have benefited.