Gears Layaway

Looking for an easy way to save up for that awesome new ride? Consider Gears Layaway.

No interest 
A Deposit of no less than 25% after tax sale amount is required for all Layaways. When we take a deposit, it is to remove a bike from the sales floor such that it is sold, thus removing it as an option for other customers.
  • The deposit is refundable within 7 days 
  • After 7 days, the deposit is transferable within 30 days to another product
  • The deposit is neither transferable or refundable after 30 days
  • Layaway Payments are expected to be made on a monthly basis - failure to make regular payments could result in a forfiet of your deposit and purchase
  • Bikes on Layaway are to be paid off within 90 days (12 weeks)
  • Important: All deposits on Sale Bikes are non-refundable